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Poetry packs the power to

entertain, educate, and inspire!


From Haiku to Hip Hop, poetry conveys emotion, tells stories, and connects with readers and listeners of all ages, and from all backgrounds. The written and spoken word, are invaluable tools whether paired or independent, for promoting and enhancing literacy and learning in general. Why confine poetry to dusty forgotten shelves? Injected with energy, these poems serve a purpose: To excite, express and enlighten.


In his books, Jackson provides useful resources for parents and teachers interested in engaging readers at varying levels. His poems, raps, and songs, utilize a litany of craft moves, and are as fun to recite, as they are to read. Additionally, Jackson’s books reflect the makeup of society, with a host of diverse characters and topics stretching from silliness to social change.


When not writing, Jackson enjoys adding to his own personal library, having fun with his family, and utilizing his way with words in his 4th grade classroom.


Learn more by exploring the poetry posted on Toney’s youtube channel. Also, preview some of his books and poetry on this site. 


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2014 Poetry Winner

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